The Face Bite: Nicolas Cardinal (DM Kart) devoured by Gabriel Orozco (Recreativo Estrellas)

The video below features absolutely incredible scenes which occurred in the semi-final of a local cup match in Jovita, Cordoba, Argentina around 10 days ago.

We join the action as DM Kart take a free-kick which is swung into the Recreativo Estrellas box. Goalkeeper Gabriel Orozco punches the ball out for a corner and becomes embroiled with striker Nicolas Cardinal.

The two players come face to face, with Orozco literally taking a bite of Cardinal as the two players got caught up with each other. A stunned Cardinal fell to the floor whilst his DM Kart team mates rushed over to the referee to demand action.

According to reports, once the referee saw the wound on Cardinal’s face he sent off Orozco who has previously been a squeaky clean player. Cardinal meanwhile was taken to hospital for checks on his bite wound.

Footage of Gabriel Orozco devouring Nicolas Cardinal is here.