The Daily Mail’s selective quotes allows them to claim Chelsea may pip Arsenal to Sami Khedira [Picture]

The Daily Mail have chopped up an article released by the Telegraph on Wednesday, shredded half of the standout quote, and subsequently hashed out a story claiming Chelsea may pip Arsenal to Sami Khedira.

The Telegraph, who deserve all the credit, did some actual work to call up Khedira’s agent, Jorg Neubauer, to find out what they could about all the transfer speculation.

Perhaps playing coy, and perhaps telling the truth, Neubauer refuted claims his client is speaking to either Arsenal or Chelsea saying:

We are not in talks with Arsenal. I don’t think a fee can have been agreed, otherwise I would have been told.

When a club have an interest I am sure they will call me and we will speak about things. The same goes for Chelsea.

In classic selective cut and paste, the backpage of the Mail on Thursday only prints the first part of Neubauer’s statement, to print an article headlined “Chelsea could outgun Wenger for Khedira”.

For the record, Chelsea could indeed manage to snare the German World Cup winner from Real Madrid ahead of Arsenal. But proof of that pudding is not in the Mail’s fudged piece of creative writing.

Read the Mail’s article below.

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