The curious tale of the Egyptian team’s robbery in South Africa

“Five players have reported a case of theft, with the total sums lost amounting to US$2,400. The period when the money could have disappeared is from the time they left the hotel for the match [against Italy] until this morning when we were notified. All the players had a safe in their rooms and were given information on how to operate those services, but for one reason or other they did not follow the instructions.” – Thembi Nkhwashu, a spokesperson for the Gauteng South African Police Services, June 19, 2009.

“We have confirmed that some of the [Egyptian] players brought prostitutes [after beating Italy], whom they picked up on Oxford Road [in Rosebank], to their hotel rooms and we have strong suspicions that they were cleaned out by those ladies of the night.” – a police officer as quoted by the Sunday World, June 21, 2009.

“They could have come up with the robbery claims to avoid being caught out or embarrassed by their spouses and girlfriends back home in Egypt. No money was taken from the safe, but we have heard that they had been drinking and womanising, and the same women later robbed them. We have reason to believe that they brought the women on to the premises and were celebrating with them before they were robbed of their money.” – a senior policeman as quoted by, June 21, 2009.