The Cristiano Ronaldo pitch invading hugger says he became a celebrity amongst criminals in jail

After gaining temporary worldwide infamy for illegally invading the pitch in order to hug Cristiano Ronaldo, self-titled Ronaldo superfan Ronald Gjoka has recorded a YouTube video explaining his actions.

Chelsea’s pre-season friendly with Real Madrid last week was brought to a standstill when Gjoka, who likes to be called “Ronnie”, burst on the field to hug Cristiano Ronaldo.

The moment was beamed across the globe, particular because Ronaldo came across like a nice guy by hugging the young boy back. For young Ronnie though, the story didn’t stop there.

Fresh-faced Ronnie was removed from the pitch by security officials and subsequently he served two days in jail for his behaviour. Ronnie however loved his time behind bars, where he claims both the police and his convict cellmates showered him with celebrity gold dust.

On Ronnie’s tell-all YouTube video he recalled the story of the respect-giving convicts:

The funniest part, which not many people know, we were in jail, it was about recess, and I starting kicking – we were playing basketball in the courtyard – a soccer ball, just for fun.

They asked me. ‘You know, we have a soccer player over here.’ And I told them, I said, ‘Man! That’s what got me in here in the first place!’ 

I explained to them the situation with Ronaldo. How it got me. They couldn’t believe it because they heard about it on radio, a crazy fan running on the field. And they said, ‘That’s you!’

I said, ‘Yes, That’s me.’ They said, ‘Man, we got a TV.’ About 30 prisoners all from the courtyard unanimously walked, rush right in there. We turned on the TV to Sports Centre. Two minutes, right after, boom, there I am on the TV.

That’s the way the nickname “Celebrity” came up in jail for me… It was one of weirdest best greatest feelings having convicts, criminals just pat you on the back, give you hi-fives.

Watch young Ronnie squeeze out his 15 minutes of fame for all it’s worth below.