The Cristiano Ronaldo circus: Inside the medical & signing the Real Madrid contract (video)

And the Ronaldo roadshow continues to roll into overdrive.

With his big presentation in front of a reported 80,000 Real Madrid fans in the Santiago Bernabeu still to come, the Madrid media continue to role out fresh footage capturing every moment of Ronaldo’s first day as a Madrid player.

The first footage to come out is the behind-the-scenes footage of Ronaldo’s medical with the Madrid doctors. Never missing an opportunity to get his face in front of the camera, Ronaldo allowed the film to role in the car on the way to the location, as well as recording clips from the examinations themselves.

Ronaldo’s medical can be seen here.

Next, the camera kept on rolling as Ronaldo finally singed on the dotted line in an over-the-top signature ceremony that stunk of grandeur and opulence.

At Real Madrid towers, Ronaldo (who had by this stage made a sly outfit change into a smarter beige suit) was met by Florentino Perez, Alfredo di Stefano and Eusebio before the action moved into a grand meeting room where the paperwork was all signed.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract signing can be seen here.