The Cluj derby is suspended amid red cards, fighting & CFR Cluj walk off

“He showed fingers to our fans, he was mocking us. He threatened to beat me! I was sent off, I was happy to fight Cadu. I told him to meet me in the locker room for a fight! I don’t think Cadu will get out of his house that soon. I’m sure our fans would have entered the pitch if it wasn’t for me.” – Universitatea keeper Mircea Bornescu.


Romania’s Cluj derby on Tuesday night was suspended in the 27th minute when visitors CFR Clug staged a walk-off.

After a controversial penalty was called against them, Universitatea fell behind when CFR captain Cadu converted from the spot. That already got the home fans’ hump up, and tensions weren’t helped when Cadu celebrated by jumping the hoardings to kiss the CFR badge front of the home stand.

In the hostile derby atmosphere that went down like a tons of bricks.

Universitatea keeper Mircea Bornescu had serial killer eyes as he stalked Cadu, before striking his opponent flat on his back. Not before long the duo were both receiving their marching orders, but that failed to put a lid on the match unravelling. (See the penalty and the aftermath here.)

Stupidly, some may say, more unpleasantries accompanied Bornescu and Cadu as they exited the field at the same time. And then came the worst moment of the lot, as a reported Universitatea masseur attacked Cadu from behind in the tunnel while a security man also slyly kicked the CFR captain.

Amid the melee, CFR coach Ioan Andone hauled his troops off the pitch and the match was suspended. That, however, only lead to the PR battle between the sides.

Universitatea Cluj manager Niculescu barked “Cadu came here to kill us! He went in front of our fans and kissed his team’s badge! It’s incredible!” While CFR president Iuliu Muresan responded saying “Cadu did nothing! He only kissed the team’s badge in front of U’s fans! What’s so bad in that?”

Watch the full incident as it played out on Romanian TV.