The clearest red card EVER?! Taras Stepanenko’s shocking foul (Ukraine) v Moldova

Ukraine picked up a decent 2-1 home win over Moldova on Tuesday evening and look likely, along with Poland, to put pressure on England and Montenegro.

Their victory was though somewhat marred by one of the most disgraceful challenges ever seen on a professional football pitch.

In the 92nd minute Ukraine continued going forward and the ball was lofted into the box for Taras Stepanenko to challenge for.

What transpired was a high flying Kung Fu attack on a Moldova defender that immediately caused gasps throughout the stadium.

Danish Referee Kenn Hansen couldn’t get his card out quick enough – so shocking was the foul.

As one of our Twitter followers remarked, it makes Nani’s recent controversial sending off during Manchester United v Real Madrid, look like a cuddle!

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