The case for video evidence: Yassin Mikari (Sochaux) vs Nice

Hardly as fashionable as Thierry Henry’s handball against Ireland, the dossier for those in favour of introducing video technology into football swelled last weekend after a goal in France’s Ligue 1 once again proved how the most important decision in football can often be controversial.

The setting for the incident was the match between Sochaux and Nice; a match that Sochaux wrongly emerged victorious over their southern opposition despite the visitors having dominated the match.

The central moment arrived just before the hour mark as the hosts took the lead.

Sochaux’s right-winger Nicolas Maurice-Belay cut inside from his wide position before letting rip witha shot that Nice keeper David Ospina could only parry to his right-hand side. Without getting too much distance of the clearance, the ball then arrived to Yassin Mikari around 8-yards out and, after controlling the ball on his chest, the number 22 rifled off his effort on target.

Amazingly, Mikari’s shot smashed against the underside of the bar before the ball bounced against the inside of the post and then popped out back into open play, where the teams immediately went about scrapping after the ball.

Despite a lack of protest the match officials awarded Sochaux the goal, however even on the slow-motion replay it was highly contentious that the ball ever crossed the line.

The incident can be seen here.