The Brazilian self-harmer and when party tricks go wrong

Two funny videos to show you, both from Saturday’s Campeonato Brasileiro match between Bareuri and Nautico which the hosts won resoundingly 4-nil.

First up we have Nautico’s brilliantly dumb midfielder Galiardo who, after spinning himself out of control, attempted to con the ref into awarding a free-kick for a clearly non-existent foul. Arguably the most amazing element of this incident was not Galiardo’s horrendously bad attempt at simulating a foul, but rather the fact that although the referee was only a couple of footsteps from the original incident, the man in black nevertheless opted to blow his whistle to call a halt to the proceedings.

Joining the ever-swelling group of dirty cheats, Galiardo pathetic attempt at feigning injury can be seen here.

The hero of the match was Bareuri striker Val Baiano (pictured) who managed to claim all four goals in the rout. But despite his match-winning performance the centre-forward still managed to walk away from the match looking somewhat the fool after the forward attempted to score an acrobatic and totally unnecessary which went horribly awry.

Showing why it is not always advisable to act like the trickster, Val Baiano’s awful overhead screw-up can be seen here.