The boots to look out for when Real Madrid take on Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final [Pictures]

The boots don’t necessarily make the player but it’s only fitting that when two giants clash tomorrow night in the Champions League final that they’ll look the part too. The team-sheets below show what boots we can expect the starting line-ups of both Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid to wear when the final kicks off in Lisbon. Modern football is plagued with an abundance of sponsors and as well as having Gazprom’s logo imprinted on your brain tomorrow night, you’ll also be treated to a few spoonfuls of Adidas and Nike. The two sports giants dominate the preferences of the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and David Villa; there is a Puma presence within the Atletico team, perhaps acting as a metaphor for Atletico, faced with the seemingly impossible task of overthrowing two ever-expanding forces. Click here for exclusive offers on the Champions League final at Betfair

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