The Bolivian billionaire of FC Bolivar is trying to coax David Beckham out of retirement

It’s probably going to end up as nothing more than a publicity stunt, but Bolivian champions FC Bolivar are trying to sign David Beckham.

Bolivar owner and telecoms tycoon Marcelo Claure this week spoke to local newspaper La Razón about the potential Beckham deal, and the wealthy business said the club “are doing everything possible, and David Beckham is a possibility.”

Marcelo Claure and David Beckham are not strangers.

The duo are already in talks over joint cooperation to bring a new MLS franchise club to Miami, and at meeting between the men in June Beckham was photographed holding an FC Bolivar jersey (see above).

The president of Bolivar, Guido Loayza, has also told reporters David Beckham could represent the club in next season’s Copa Libertadores.

Beckham, 38, retired at the end of last season after winning the Ligue 1 championship with Paris Saint-Germain.