The Bluff Penalty FAIL: Oscar Scarione & Pa Madou (St Gallen) v Roman Burki (Grasshopper)

The top-of-the-table clash in Switzerland between Grasshopper and St Gallen produced a brilliant moment on Monday night as we saw an innovative penalty move that failed to fool the keeper.

Grasshopper leap frogged St Gallen into first position in the Swiss Super League thanks to a solitary goal from Nassim Ben Khalifa on 38.

But, St Gallen could well have secured a draw as they were awarded a penalty on 73 minutes and attempted a clever bluff to convert.

Argentine number 10 Oscar Scarrione looked like he would take the penalty but simply drifted back into the group of players as if on his run up.

Cue, Pa Madou who ran up to take the kick and surely the late switch of man, missed by the cameraman as well, would fool Roman Burki in the Grasshopper goal…

Or maybe not…

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