The Bloodbath Begins: Algeria players attacked on arrival in Egypt (video)

The match is still over 24 hours away, but the tensions are already at fever pitch in Cairo after the Algerian football were attacked on their arrival in the Egyptian capital ahead of their huge World Cup qualifier.

(A preview of the Egypt-Algeria match, explaining the hatred between the nations, can be read here.)

Local Egyptian hooligans attacked Algeria’s team, hurling rocks at the passing vehicle which shattered the glass of the bus and caused bloodied injury to three Algerian players.

Amazingly, video footage from inside the Algerian bus at the time of the attack has already surfaced. Although slightly grainy, as recorded on veteran forward Rafik Saifi’s mobile phone, the footage shows how the windows of the bus were already smashed before the players moved off their seats for cover under a barrage of rocks.

Shattered glass is shown and, while it is difficult to see what is happening outside the bus, it is clear that the passengers still feel under threat throughout.

The footage can be seen here.

Once at the team hotel, TV reporters were on hand to record the bloodied aftermath of the attack. Several team members could be seen to have blood caked on the faces and uniform, while the players were only too happy to show the cameras the large stones which were hurled at their bus.

A report from French TV into the incident can be seen here.

Finally, video footage of the arrival of the Algerian team at their team hotel has also been released. The footage shows the battered bus pulling into the the foreground of the hotel, before the Algerian players slowly filtered there way into the building making sure to show the cameras any signs of blood which had been spilled. The video finishes by capturing the defiant Algerians signing passionately, “Viva Algerie! One. Two. Three!”

The footage can be seen here.