Going to AC Milan for €23m: Mario Balotelli’s best moments at Manchester City

After two years, one Premier League title, one FA Cup medal and more front page and backpage stories than any other footballer in recent years, Mario Balotelli is finally setting sail out of Manchester City.

Balotelli is joining AC Milan for a reported €23m (€20m cash and €3m in bonuses), and the Italian striker is penning a 4-year deal worth €4m a season.

Balotelli’s time in England has been epic.

Stupid hats, fireworks, memorable t-shirts, bibs, fights, endless partying pics and the odd moment of football wizardry have all been part of Balotelli’s whirlwind life in the Premier League.

Here are the greatest moments of one of the Premier League’s greatest ever characters.

1. Mario Balotelli struggles to put his bib on (Manchester City – Dynamo Kiev)

2. Mario Balotelli’s chicken hat


3. Mario Balotelli’s ‘Why Always Me?’ goal celebration v Manchester United

4. Mario Balotelli’s training ground fight with Roberto Mancini

5. Balotelli steals the photographer’s camera

6. Watch Mario Balotelli’s failed backheel v LA Galaxy

7. Mario Balotelli and Kolarov fight over a free-kick v Sunderland

8. Mario Balotelli can’t wrap presents because he’s left handed

9. NMA TV create a comic report on Mario Balotelli’s fireworks antics

10. Mario Balotelli swears on live TV after Manchester City win the FA Cup