The best commentary to Sergio Aguero’s title winner for Manchester City v QPR

Plenty of you have asked in the 24 hours since Sergio Aguero’s 94th minute Premier League title winner for Manchester City against QPR if we can round up all the best commentary and clips on the goal.

Here is a round-up of what we can find on the world wide web. Please feel free to add any we have missed in the comments. And beware the Premier League copyright police!

The crazy Argentine commentator  “El Bambino” Pons (“Na na na na na”).

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Martin Tyler on Sky Sports

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Ian Darke on ESPN

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Peter Drury on Fox Sports

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Match of the Day

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Norwegian commentator goes mad!

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Sweden’s Henrik Strömblad & Glenn Strömberg

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Polish announcer gets excited

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Arabic commentator loses his voice

French commentator loses himself

Paul Merson on Sky Sports

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QPR fans at the Etihad cheer the Aguero goal!

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Gary Neville (Fernando Torres v Barcelona commentary) on Sergio Aguero goal

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Taiwanese animators NMA TV on Aguero goal

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Fans at the Stadium of Light on Aguero goal

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Icelandic commentary

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Sam Matterface on TalkSPORT (with Stan Collymore)

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Live Al Jazeera newsroom reaction

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TalkSPORT: Best Man City and Man United fan reactions to Aguero’s title winning goal

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Alan Parry & Andy Townsend on EPL TV

German commentary – Marco Hagemann

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