The BBC investigate the problems with Setanta Sports

Having received a host of complaints over the service provided by Setanta Sports in the UK, the BBC’s premier television investigative programme Watchdog went on march to uncover why so many viewers are frustrated with the Irish broadcaster.

Challenging the might of Sky, Setanta Sports has become a major sports provider in the UK, often being the only place to see certain football fixtures, boxing fights and horse races.

Subscribers to Setanta’s satellite service receive 11 exclusive channels for £12.99 a month, but a bucket-load of complaints have reached the BBC complaining that problems exist with regard to all these 11 channels, particularly with regard to the picture quality, while Setanta have allegedly proved terrible at attending to these matters once the problems are brought to their attention. Looking to force the hand on Setanta and hold them responsible, the BBC got on the case.

Exposing the shortcoming of the broadcaster, the BBC Watchdog show spoke to a variety of people to highlight the range of problems suffered by subscribers while also looking to get the company’s response, before interviewing a representative on the show and asking the hard questions as to why their response time and the cancellation policy are so roundly criticised.

In response to the BBC’s report Setanta has since released the following statement:

“Setanta is always sorry to hear that any customer has experienced a problem with their reception of Setanta Sports. We believe this is an issue that affects a tiny minority of our customers. However, if you have had difficulty receiving the signal for Setanta Sports, the positioning of your satellite dish may need adjusting. Setanta is a television producer and does not own, operate or install the satellites or the receiving equipment that are used to broadcast or receive its programming. We recommend you contact the company that installed your satellite equipment; they will be able to make the necessary checks on your dish alignment.”

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The full BBC report into the problems with Setanta can be seen here.

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