The battle of the off-putting goalies

Something bizarre is happening in US soccer. All of a sudden it’s becoming a sport with real interest.

Last weekend we had the story of the dirtiest footballer ever – Elizabeth Lambert, which was followed by yet another female punch-up during the week as a high school match between the Woonsocket Villa Novans and the Tolman Tigers had to be abandoned when a 22-man rumble broke out.

Violence is out though this weekend, replaced by one of the craziest penalty shoot-outs ever captured on film. The footage comes from a US College match between Stony Brook and Hartford, with the teams wrestling for a place in the America East title final.

After no goals were scored in the match, penalty kicks were needed to provide a winner and the goalies of both sides put on an amazing spectacle as they tried to put off their opponents in the strangest of ways.

Hartford goalkeeper Nenad Cudic attempted to throw off his opponents by showing off a series of cartwheels on his goalline as the respective penalty-takers prepared to have their shots. In response, Stony Brook’s number one, Anthony Rogic, performed a series of jumps, knee-crouches and other odd stretches and moves as he retaliated with his own off-putting routine.

Anthony Rogic’s tactics for Stony Brook eventually won out as his team won 3-2, although both goalies were made to look stupid from the other teams as players who did score during the shoot-out made a point of mimicking the failed shot-stoppers to rub their faces in their failure.

The bizarre shoot-out between Stony Brook and Hartford can be seen here.