Balotelli brothers brawled with a thief who took Super Mario’s phone, AC Milan may sell forward to Arsenal

A story printed by an Italian celebrity tabloid, Diva e donna, about the Balotelli brothers has since been picked up by all the dailies in the southern European peninsula this Thursday.

According to the rumours, Mario and Enoch Balotelli got into a brawl in Milan after a thief pinched Super Mario’s mobile phone in a night out.

Diva e Donna claim that Mario and Enoch went out partying on Sunday, May 4th, at the Corso Como nightclub in Milan.

At dawn, when the brothers started heading heading home, AC Milan star Balotelli then realised that his mobile phone was gone. It had been stolen.

Moments later, brother Enoch is said to have set off in a frantic hunt for the thief (Diva e Donna add that the alleged offender was “a foreigner of colour”), and eventually the Balotelli brothers caught up with the good-for-nothing when some type of brawl broke out.

Some Italian papers are using this story to report that AC Milan want to get rid of Balotelli this summer.

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Putting two and two together to get five, the likes of Calciomercato are claiming that Milan want to offload Balotelli to either Arsenal or Monaco.

Arsenal are said to be the favourites, with Belotelli on offer for €25m.

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