The Arsenal Quiz: Jack Wilshere, Wojciech Szczesny & the pot of tea

Arsenal TV released a light-hearted video this week in which Jack Wilshere and Wojciech Szczesny answered a series of questions about their teammates next to a pot of tea.

The twosome took every opportunity to mock their fellow Gunners, whilst Wilshere and Szczesny also were only too happy to make fun of each other whther the situations arose.

Szczesny, for example, laughed at the English midfielder for going bald, while Wilshere later retaliated by insinuating that Szczesny was at fault for Arsenal’s failure to win the Carling Cup back in 2011.

Wilshere’s cuss was promoted by a question asking what he’d say to Szczesny when they eventually lift a trophy together. Wilshere jokingly replied: “I’ll probably say you owe me this after Birmingham!”

Other nuggets to come out of the Q&A included Szczesny’s admission of being starstruck after meeting Justin Bieber, while Wilshere and Szczesny both conceded they were in awe of David Beckham.

Watch the Arsenal pop-quiz below.