The Anti-Panenka! Alexandre Pato’s awful penalty easily saved by Dida, costs Corinthians penalty shoot-out v Gremio

Antonín Panenka would not have approved of Alexandre Pato’s attempt to emulate him in the Copa Do Brasil last night.

Just as the original eponymous penalty won  Czechoslovakia the 1976 European Championships with the final spot kick, so The Duck tried to take the Panenka in a high-stakes shoot-out.

He needed to score to keep the Timao in the shoot-out.

But with the penalty spot starting to divot up from the wear and tear of previous penalties, Pato would have been best advised to keep it simple.

He went for it, but completely shanked his Panenka effort, as it floated harmlessly into the waiting arms of Gremio keeper Dida.

Gremio won and advanced to the semi-finals of the Copa do Brasil, and poor Pato was left looking a little silly on the penalty spot.

When it comes off, it makes you a hero; when it doesn’t, you just want the ground to swallow you up.

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