The Angry Tweets: Andre Santos gets pilloried after swapping shirts with Robin van Persie at halftime

It really didn’t help that Andre Santos got roundly butchered at Old Trafford on Saturday…

Arsenal fans took to Twitter on Saturday to vent their anger at seeing their Brazilian fullback get hold of Robin van Persie’s shirt at halftime of their match against Manchester United.

To recap for anyone who missed it at the time, as Robin van Persie was trudging towards the tunnel at the end of the first forty-five minutes the Dutchman took the opportunity to converse with a few of his old Arsenal people. First there was the hug with Gunners boss Arsene Wenger, and then Andre Santos appeared on the scene.

Santos and van Persie initially slapped hands in a perfectly normal manner, before the Brazilian committed the crime which was quickly latched upon by angry Arsenal fans.

After van Persie put an arm around the Brazilian, the United number 20 took off his shirt and handed it to the Arsenal left-back in a scene usually reserved for the full-time whistle.

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Here are a selection of the best Tweets we have seen so far on the van Persie-Santos shirt swap…