The Amy Winehouse goal celebration: Marcello Matrone (HIK) v EIF

We have featured Finnish third division side HIK on 101 Great Goals before – specifically their three Brazilian players who showcased two different celebrations last season – one in honour of Lady Gaga and the other titled Arabian Nights.

Yesterday HIK won their derby encounter with EIF 2-1 and the game featured a cracking goal followed by a celebration in honour of the recently passed away Amy Winehouse.

Brazilian forward Marcello Matrone produced a fine top corner finish from a tight angle and proceeded to the corner flag where he put on a wig and head band and proceeded to use the corner flag as a micro phone.

Matrone has been in touch and had this to say: “The celebration was for Amy Winehouse, a great singer who will be missed by the whole world. When I scored the goal I had a feeling that she was there with me…”

Footage of Marcello Matrone’s Any Winehouse goal celebration is here.