The Abuse: Footage of Chelsea fans cussing Rafa Benitez after the FA Cup match at Brentford

Amid reports in Tuesday’s Star that Rafa Benitez’s head is once again on the chopping block at Chelsea (has it ever not been?), the toxic atmosphere at Stamford Bridge, particularly in the hatred between the fans to the club’s manager, has again been captured on video.

While over half of the Premier League have now been dumped out the FA Cup, Chelsea laboured to a late 2-2 draw at Brentford on Sunday as the Pensioners were saved from a humiliating exit by Fernando Torres.

Yet despite still being in the running for the silverware Chelsea’s fans were hugely negative at the full time whistle at Griffin Park, and they made sure their Spanish interim manager knew their frustrations as he trudged off the pitch.

As Benitez ambled across the grass past his club’s away section, a loud mass of Chelsea supporters sung: “You’re not wanted here! You’re not wanted here! F*** off Benitez! You’re not wanted here!”

Along with an assortment of nasty cuss words, Benitez reacted in the only way he could: he jabbered to Juan Mata as the twosome left the surface, whilst he kept his head down throughout.

Watch the Chelsea abuse to Benitez below.