The Abs Destroyer: Cristiano ‘Orlando’ (Ronaldo) eats a white bread sandwich in new ad for Mexican bakery group Bimbo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest product endorsement seems a bit of a mismatch, with the Real Madrid Pichichi championing a food type which he in all likelihood avoids at all costs.

Ronaldo hooks up with Mexican bakery group Bimbo – whose chief product is starch-filled white bread, anathema to today’s athletes – and gets some image tips as part of the ad’s concept.

Ronaldo sits in an office with a corporate female who tells him he needs to change his name, because nobody knows him; recommending a swap to ‘Cristiano Orlando’.

Ronaldo then closes out the ad by munching down a pure white bread sambo with a big grin on his face.

Does anyone believe he actually eats white bread sandwiches as part of his abs-sculpting diet?

He probably spat it out as soon as the crew shouted ‘Cut!’