The 5 most annoying things about watching football on YouTube [Kick TV video]

Kudos to the good folk at Kick TV for producing a rather amusing and accurate video about watching football on YouTube.

101 Great Goals was formed as a result of the rise of football videos online in 2006 just as YouTube was becoming mainstream and even before it was bought by Google.

This website has though evolved and is far from just YouTube videos and aims to be an aggregator of the best football video content available, partly due to the problems mentioned on the clip above.

Ryan Bailey does very well explaining the problems of watching football on YouTube with the Top 5 countdown.

The likes of the MLS, Ligue 1 and now the Football League lead the way with official clips and footage on YouTube – it is still staggering that the Premier League do not have their own channel.

Likewise, whilst some clubs continue to grow great followings on YouTube (e.g. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs…) Manchester United and Arsenal are yet to get on board.

Leaving all that aside, it is amazing how football fans now consume football. Compared to the days of radio and teletext we live in great times!