The 40 point turnaround! How Liverpool & Man United compare this season to last [Graphic]

It is fair to say Liverpool fans are in dreamland, despite the 2-1 FA Cup defeat at Arsenal on Sunday.

The graphic above shows how things have changed to this time last season with respect to the gap between Manchester United and Liverpool.

Whether it is the Brendan Rodgers effect or the David Moyes effect is something that will be debated for some time.

But, the bottom line is that after 26 games in 2013/3014 Liverpool lead Manchester United by a whopping 11 points.

At the same stage in 2012/2013, Manchester United were even further ahead of Liverpool in comparison, by 23 points at the time.

One man who doesn’t feature on  the graphic (put together by the excellent @MostarLFC) is Sir Alex Ferguson.

Perhaps the departure of the legendary former Manchester United boss is the true reason there has been a mammoth 40 point turnaround?!