That Blows! Crazy weather fails to stop the match between CAI & Instituto

With bad weather beginning to engulf Europe as winter begins to bite, those seeking to call off matches due to difficult playing conditions should take into account what is considered acceptable in Argentina.

Last weekend’s Primera B match between CAI and Instituto was played to a finish despite unbelievably powerful gale-force winds disrupting the match throughout. Instituto managed to handle the appalling conditions better, edging the contest 1-nil.

Undoubtedly the weather turned the match into a farce.

The most glaring incident came about when a one of the keeper’s managed to give away a corner after his place-kick was blown behind his own goalline by the ridiculously powerful gusts. (See here.)

Throughout the remainder of the contest, both keepers needed to be on there toes as what would otherwise have been simple punts upfield turned into ripping shots on target as the wind took control of the ball.

Match highlights of windswept match between CAI and Instituto can be seen here.