Tevez arrives to his community service in a Porsche, Carlos is a cleaner at an industrial estate

The Sun have splashed the front page of their website with pictures and a video of Manchester City star Carlos Tevez arriving on his first day of community service.

Tevez has been assigned to 250 hours of community service after being found guilty of driving a car without insurance whilst disqualified.

The Manchester City striker arrived for his first day of work in a white Porsche, befoe the Argentine international slipped on an orange flap-jacket as he was reportedly assigned to being a cleaner at an industrial estate in Cheshire.

In truth, The Sun’s video was pretty tame.

The grainy pictures from the CCTV footage means that Carlos Tevez cannot be clearly seen throughout, whilst the camera in the car park fails to offer any great insight into Tevez’s payback to society.

A series of images from Carlos Tevez’s first day at community service can be seen below.