Owned: Tesco troll Liverpool fan who wasted their time on Twitter

Like most large retail outlets, Supermarket branch Tesco now run a lot of their customer service via Twitter.

Instead of customers having to fill out laborious forms via the website, they can now simply air their concerns via a simple Tweet, which is then promptly replied to by a community manager.

But the service has inevitable drawbacks – it attracts a high volume of trolls looking for cheap laughs, for example.

They had to tolerate one such person yesterday, but the community manager put the troll right back in his box with a brilliant comeback.

After the troll revealed his prank – to make fun of Chelsea fans by dubbing them ‘plastic’ – the Tesco guy decided to give the guy a taste of his own medicine.

Aware that the troll is a Liverpool fan due to his avatar and ‘Morenology’ name – a reference to the Reds’ Spanish full-back – the Tesco rep asked the man for his ‘title’….

If he had one, that is…