“Terry Venables has been 30 years in football, won two trophies. Graeme Souness has won eleven.” – Eamon Dunphy

Ok. I hold my hands up and admit that this rant by RTE’s outspoken pundit Eamon Dunphy was not made in any way, shape or form in connection with the news linking El Tel with the vacant Newcastle job.

But with that being said, Dunphy’s outspoken opinions (which were made back in 2007 when rumours were feverish that Venables would be taking over the Ireland job) still holds much water, particularly as the man with the year long tan has remained out of football since the time this rant was made. To recap, the last management job Venables held in football was back in 2003 when he walked out on rock-bottom Leeds, before attaching himself to the doomed era of Steve McClaren in the England setup.

Dunphy calls Venables management record as “very, very average indeed,” before noting that Venables’ reputation is far from clean, citing the Department of Trade and Industry claims that Venables has been involved in incidents of “bribery, lying, deception, manipulation of accounts and taking money that should have been given to creditors.”

Is this the man Newcastle fans want in charge of their team?

Dunphy’s rant, and a discussion of Venables’ career in football, can be seen here and here.

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