Terrible! Joe Hart stars in RUBBISH Head & Shoulders Advert

Manchester City and England number 1 Joe Hart has opened himself up to terrace ridicule with a shocking new advert for Head & Shoulders.

Seriously, could the advertising gurus at Head & Shoulders not do better than this monstrosity?!

We join an England game with Joe Hart writhing in agony on the floor, holding his head.

Was it a sniper in the crowd?

No. Joe Hart had an itchy scalp.


What makes this advert galling is that Hart is generally perceived as a good bloke and not the sort to sell out.

From a viral video point of view, it also looks set to overshadow his fine goal in training just released by Manchester City’s YouTube channel – see second video below.

UPDATE: Iker Casillas stars in his own shocker of a Head & Shoulders ad. Its exactly the same as Joe Hart’s but in Spanish. Woeful. Third video below.