When teammates attack: Ricardo Quaresma kicks out at Miguel Lopes during Portugal training

“It’s just normal things that happen in training. Things got a bit heated between two players. We’re pumped up, we always want to win and sometimes small things happen. Everything’s sorted now. We all want to play in the semifinal and sometimes stuff happens.” – Portugal defender Ricardo Costa.


A bust-up in the Portuguese camp was caught on camera on Saturday.

With the Seleccao now training for an Iberian battle with Spain in the Euro 2012 semi-finals, an unsavoury incident has spread like wildfire after midfielder Ricardo Quaresma took a swipe at defender Miguel Lopes.

A robust challenge from Lopes left maverick Quaresma flat on his bum in a practice match, and the Besitkas playmaker reacted by losing his cool and launching a right boot in the direction of the Braga right-back. Fortunately Quaresma missed his target.

Looking to draw a line under the flare-up, Quaresma and Lopes have since taken a series of photos together to proved there is no bad blood between them.

What Quaresma’s kick out on Lopes here:

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