Tata Martino wants Newells’ 6’4 centre half Santiago Vergini with him at Barça [SPORT]

Tata Martino arrives at Barcelona with a pretty well-oiled squad, and is more or less satisfied with what he’s got for the season ahead.

There is one position that he’d like to strengthen though: central defence.

With Puyol’s end nigh, Gerard Pique struggling to rediscover the spark of the Treble season, and Marc Bartra not quite ready, Tata has good reason for wanting to fortify the defence.

And as is the case with many incoming managers, Tata feels like fishing from the old pond, by bringing his former centre half from Newell’s Santiago Verginini with him to Barcelona.

In terms of defensive profile, Vergini is similar to Pique, comfortable carrying the ball out from defence as Pique is (at his best). At 1m 90 to Pique’s 1m 92, Vergini is more of an athlete that Pique, quicker and with a better physical conditioning.

What’s more, he ‘has goal’, as they say in Spain, having scored an impressive 8 from defence last season.

Below are Santiago Vergini’s 2013 highlights with Newell’s Old Boys.