Tantrum of the Week: Marcus Tulio Tanaka (Nagoya Grampus Eight) vs Kashima Antlers

As tantrums go, they rarely get more babyish than Marcus Tulio Tanaka’s behaviour last weekend.

At 29-years-old, the seasoned J-Leaguer and Japan international midfielder Tanaka embarrassed himself on Sunday in the 4-1 home defeat at the hands of the Kashima Antlers.

Tanaka’s first hissy-fit arrived ten minutes into the second half. The defensive midfielder had initially done well to escape the attentions of two Kashima players just outside his own box, however after breaking free Tanaka then flung himself to the turf when it was clear that limited (or no) contact had been made to bring the number four down. The referee, unimpressed by the tumble, order the play to continue and Tanaka reacted like a 2-year-old by throwing his shirt over his face and riding around on the grass in humiliating fashion.

After behaving badly, Tanaka eventually was awarded a free-kick.

Three minutes from time a second incident arose, and again Tanaka reverted to his babyish tactics of getting his way. After a nothing collision with Kashima’s Takeshi Aoki in the middle of the park, the number four again acted as if he’d suffered some awful wrongdoing by ripping his shirt off and stopping the play with his childlike complaints.

This time however Tanaka was booked for his stupid, exaggerated behaviour.

Footage of Marcus Tulio Tanaka’s shocking fits can be seen here.