Tancredi Palmeri: ‘Real Madrid & Monaco signed Falcao agreement before Manchester United loan [Video]

For anyone unaware, Tancredi Palmeri is one of those non-stop journalists – constantly tweeting, appearing just about everywhere – whose become quite a notorious and well-known figure on Twitter for his breaking stories on the transfer market.

Tancredi loves nothing more than breaking a story when a reliable source informs him of one, and the week before the closing of the window, he broke one that set Madridista hearts racing:

‘Radamel Falcao is signing for Real Madrid.’

The Italian journo says he was reliably informed that Madrid and Monaco signed an agreement on the Friday before the window closed (on the Monday), but that when the English teams then got involved, and United proposed a loan move, Falcao’s agent Jorge Mendes dropped the Madrid agreement and went for the loan, which is the type of deal he wanted all along.

Tancredi was roundly ridiculed for getting the story wrong, and took much Twitter trolling, but he maintains that his information was 100% correct, and appeared on Spanish TV show El Chiringuito to explain.

On a hiding to nothing, with the entire panel discrediting him, he says that he’s 100% sure Madrid and Monaco did have an agreement on Falcao.

He says he believes the tweet sent from Falcao’s account, saying ‘It’s a dream come true to sign for Madrid’, was real, and not a hack.

Tancredi got in a pretty heated argument over the thing with French journo Frederic Hermel, who believes Madrid were never really interested in Falcao.

For Spanish speakers, you can watch Tancredi Palermi’s spectacular appearance on Spanish TV explaining the Falcao imbroglio on the clip below.

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