Talking Shop: Arsene Wenger meets the press in Kuala Lumpur (video)

With his squad spread out across the globe during the off-season, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has also taken the opportunity to travel in the summer break, with the Professor arriving in Malaysia as part of his duties as an ambassador for Castrol.

As part of his stay Wenger faced local journalists in Kuala Lumpur to answer a range of questions from who will win the 2010 World Cup, the Arsenal’s touring schedule, to the Gunners’ objective for next season.

On the likely World Cup winners, Wenger confessed he “sees a few favourites” including Spain, England, Brazil and Argentina, before confidently ruling out that any Asian country could win the competition. On the African challenge, Wenger remained unconvinced that “any team is ready to win the World Cup,” suggesting that the Ivory Coast is the continent’s best chance for success.

On the Gunners’ touring schedule, the Arsenal manager said he would love to bring his team back to Malaysia but admitted that the off-season calendar makes such an event unlikely at present. “Every time I want to go on tour at the end of the season, I have no team left. If I come with the reserve team, fans won’t be happy – so I just stay home,” said Wenger.

With attention eventually falling onto the manager’s predictions for next season, at which point the Frenchman said “next year will be a very important year… I am confident we are a team in progress and I’m confident that next year we can challenege… The policy of work for four or five years has to come out next year.”

Wenger’s interview can be seen here.