Take Action: Petition to the UK government to prevent Manchester United (and other English football clubs) being destroyed by corporate greed

Sadly, it may be that the horse has bolted out of this stable a long time ago.

British do-gooders across the football divide have been asked to club together in order to sign a petition lobbying the UK government to “urgently take action on behalf of all football supporters to prevent Manchester United Football Club (and other English football clubs) being destroyed by corporate greed.”

How the government as suppose to reign on public companies and private investors remains unspecified, rather the hope is that something can be done “to prevent so-called “investors” from bleeding our clubs dry.”

While there may be reason to be negative that this petition will actually have much affect, that in-and-of-itself does not mean that adding your name to the petition can do any harm.

You can sign up to the petition by clicking here and following the instructions on the official Downing Street petitions site.