Syrian TV accuse Barcelona & Messi of arming anti-Assad rebels

Of all the conspiracy theories floating round La Liga, this is the most fanciful.

If you thought Barcelona’s intricate tiki-taka passing was all part of the Catalans philosophy from when the youngsters come through the ranks at La Masia, think again because Syrian TV have a new theory.

Last December, Al Dunya TV showed a clip from Barcelona’s match at Real Madrid, with the ridiculous claim that Barcelona’s formation was a secret code for Syrian rebels to learn arms smuggling routes.

The video clip below (in Arabic) claims the  players represent the smugglers whilst the ball’s position corresponds with the current location of the weapons.

Finally, the narrator adds that when the world’s best footballer Lionel Messi passes the ball it indicates that the weapons have reached rebels in Dir al-Zur.

The incredible video can be seen here.