Swings & Misses: An old Iranian manager tries attacking a referee, fails to land a single punch

Mad footage was spotted in the Iranian third division last weekend as an elderly manager carefully peeled off his jacket before going on the rampage against the referee.

After the full time whistle blew the craziness started to unfold as a suited manager, probably around 60-year-plus, began pushing his opposite number as the victors celebrated on the pitch.

Clearly upset about the result, the suited gaffer then carefully removed his jacket to afford him more freedom to continue in aggressive behaviour.

Moments later the manager turned his fury on the referee as, with one hand still holding his jacket, the furious boss began swinging punches towards the officials’ head. Comically the manager missed with every one of his punches before third parties eventually became involved and restrained the wild boss.

Watch the hilarious fight-without-any-landed-punches below.