Swedish Stupidity: How not to defend a corner

This footage comes from last night’s Allsvenskan match between IFK Norrköping and GAIS, and is arguably one of the daftest pieces of defending seen since Zairean defender Mwepu Ilunga made a complete plonker out of himself at the 1974 World Cup.

Trailing 1-nil in the final stages of the match, Norrköping conceded an 89th minute corner. While common sense would dictate that it was in the host’s interests to have the corner quickly taken so that they could try to regain possession to attack for the unlikely equaliser, for some unknown reason the Norrköping defence decided a better course of action would be to pen GAIS into the corner, and run down the clock.

What transpired was a farce. Despite GAIS only having one striker in the box, Norrköping refused to let the visitors out of the corner area, closing down the short corner every time it was taken. GAIS, happy to see out the time, simply kept smacking the ball off the defenders, forcing corner after corner (there were seven corners in total) until finally the ball was cleared.

Acting as the antithesis for the phrase “if at first you don’t succeed, try try again,” the incident in it’s full stupidity can be seen here.

(Credit to The Spoiler)