Swear Watch: Jermaine Beckford (Everton) & Peter Crouch (Tottenham)

A week after Wayne Rooney’s foul-mouthed outburst at West Ham, and Manchester United fans want to see if there is any consistency in football.

Leading Red Devils blog the Republik of Mancunia have taken upon themselves to lead a brand new “Swear Watch.” The purpose on this endevour is to flag up incidents of “offensive, insulting and/or abusive language” (i.e. the crime Rooney was found guilty of) in the Premier League.

As explained by the Republik of Mancunia, “No FA rule deals with swearing directly or indirectly at a camera. The rule simply regards using “offensive, insulting and/or abusive language”. One might argue that using ‘offensive, insulting and/or abusive language’ when talking to/shouting at a referee or assistant referee does more damage to the FA’s Respect campaign then swearing at a camera, but that is a matter of opinion.”

After noticing that on the same day that Rooney spat fire down the camera, Liverpool keeper Pepe Riena was spotted mouthing “No way, no f**king way” to referee Martin Atkinson at The Hawthorns, this week’s entries into the swear watch are Everton and Tottenham forwards Jermaine Beckford and Peter Crouch.

In the Saturday lunchtime kick-off between Wolves and Everton, the cameras picked up on fiery argument between Beckford and his boss David Moyes after gaffer subbed the Toffee striker. With the lens capturing the substitution, Beckford was seen mouthing “f**k me” as his displeasure on ending the game early was all too plain to see.

Watch the Jermaine Beckford incident here.

Later, in Tottenham’s 3-2 victory over Stoke, Peter Crouch also was caught swearing all-too-clearly. After putting the Lilywhites ahead, and following his red card at Real Madrid last week in the Champions League, the beanpole striker appeared to exhume some demons as he celebrated his goal by screaming “f*** off” towards the crowd in a moment of jubilation.

Watch the Peter Crouch incident here.


If you’ve seen any other incidents of swearing that appear to have gone unpunished in the Premier League, please contact us by email or via our Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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