Swansea ball boy Charlie Morgan Tweets for 1st time since Eden Hazard red card

With the UK press now focusing on his family life and the rather large fortune he will one day inherit, Charlie Morgan finds himself on the front and back of many papers this Friday morning.

As we showed yesterday, a new angle has emerged suggesting Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard kicked the ball rather than Morgan and the 17-year-old is now receiving death threats, according to The Sun.

Despite all the hate, Morgan can now console himself with the fact he is closing in on 100,000 Twitter followers and just a few hours ago, Swansea’s most (in) famous supporter took to the social networking site.

In truth, it is a rather bland Tweet but it would be a major surprise if Morgan was not heard from in the future. Rumours of a Sunday tabloid “Exclusive” or appearance on Celebrity Big Brother can not be ruled out…

Charlie Morgan’s first Tweet since getting Eden Hazard sent off is below, followed by video of the new camera angle of the incident that will likely see the Chelsea midfielder escape with just a three-match ban.