Sven Goran Eriksson is rudely interrupted at his Notts County unveiling (video)

Svennis is back!

After being out of English football since his sacking last year from Manchester City, ladies-man Sven Goran Eriksson has made his swashbuckling return to Blighty to take up the position of the director of football at lowly second division club, Notts County.

Looking calm and collected amid the media frenzy, former England manager Svennis began his charm offensive on the British media by opening with the Dr. Nick inspired line of “Hello everybody! It’s great to come back to England…” only to be interrupted by someone calling his mobile phone.

Sven’s ring-tone is a rather boring preset tune, rather than some hip-hop or gangster-rap song, which may have been expected.

After looking intensely at his phone and making a quip about how much he would be fined for walking out on his new job in an effort to divert attention from his ringing cell, Sven soon returned the smile to his kisser before ploughing on with his reintroduction with the English media.

Sven’s untimely phone call and first press conference at Notts County can be seen here.