Surviving Gazza: The documentary

“I watched the Channel 4 programme Surviving Gazza on Monday night and I found myself needing to remember the good times. It wasn’t always bad being around Paul Gascoigne. Far from it. He could be annoying when you were trying to rest before a big match, mind you… Did the Channel 4 documentary tell me anything I didn’t know? Not really. It seemed like another cheap shot; another kick for Gazza. It left me wondering how many more kicks he can take. He looked fragile and vulnerable. It was uncomfortable viewing.” – Jamie Redknapp.

“You wonder how bad it has got. I saw his 12- year-old son Regan saying his dad would be better off dead so you wonder just what has been said and done. Twelve-year-olds are not politically correct like adults and will say what they feel. I fear that one day I’ll pick up a paper and see what Regan has said has come true. I think that his son was saying what a number of us have felt for years now. We said the same about George Best. The demons are similar. It is a modern-day tragedy because the fact of the matter is — and it’s one of the reasons the country has taken to him — Paul Gascoigne would give his last penny to a hungry kid.” – Graham Taylor.

The documentary “Surviving Gazza” can be seen in seven parts: here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

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