Surely taking the piss out of Rio? Now 1-cap Joey Barton retires from international football

Is it  Retire From England Day?

First Rio, now Barton.

Surely Barton though – contrarion that he is – is subversively taking the piss out of Rio with a tongue-in-cheek international retirement?

Whatever his real motive, the tone of the tweets are pretty funny.

Barton’s long been critical of the Three Lions scene, famously slamming the amount of players who released autobiographies on the back of international tournament failure with his deadpan line, ‘I was shit. Here’s my book.’

So Barton, with his whopping 1 cap from a friendly against Spain in 2007, is no longer available for international duty.

Below is the tongue-in-cheek retirement announcement from Joey Barton via Twitter.