Supermodel Gisele stars alongside Pele & Romario in Brazilian Sky adverts (video)

When you have the best footballers that every lived as well as some of the best beauties that walk the planet, it’s a pretty good idea to combine the two for a successful advertising campaign.

Brazilian TV company Sky have employed supermodel Gisele Bundchen to star alongside Brazilian football legends Pele and Romario in a series of adverts ahead of the World Cup. In both ads the idea is the same, with Gisele criticising the star strikers for their memorable misses in World Cups down the ages.

While the commercials are in Portuguese, we expect that no-one will care too much as the gorgeous Gisele steals the limelight.

Gisele’s advert with Pele can be seen here, while Gisele’s ad with Romario can be seen here.

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