Sunday Supplement: Why Everton’s Joleon Lescott “isn’t even a 22 million pound player” (Shaun Custis) & “the most important thing this year is that England win the World Cup” (Woolnough)

The usual collection of scribes gather round the Sky breakfast table to discuss football’s hot topics of the day, beginning with a discussion of Joleon Lescott’s future. The Sun’s Shaun Custis argued that David Moyes should sell the defender, contesting that Lescott “isn’t even a 22 million pound player” while speculating that perhaps the reason for Moyes’ resistance being that the Scot fears he won’t recieve any money from the deal to reinvest in new recruits.

Attention then passed onto comments made by Sir Alex Ferguson that players are killing the game through cheating and diving. The Daily Telegraph’s Kevin Gardside was quick to quip that Fergie is now able to return to his high-moral ground “now that he doesn’t have to defend Cristiano Ronaldo week in, week out” before Andy Dunn steamed in by finger-pointing at the manager for failing to control their players. The panel then discussed whether fans would support a red card campaign against footballers who dive.

In the final segment the talking-heads reviewed England’s performance in Holland. Shaun Custis claimed that “whenever Jermain Defoe joins up with England he’s really impressed in training,” but the hack was left wondering whether the Spurs frontman has really found his groove on the international scene. On whether the friendly was necessary in the first place, host Brian Woolnough barked “the most important thing this year is that England win the World Cup.

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