Sunday Supplement: Drogba’s rage is understandable; Tevez is off; Future is bright for Arsenal

The hacks couldn’t resist discussing Didier Drogba’s actions at the end of the second leg of the Chelsea-Barcelona clash in the Champions League semi-final. The Sun’s Shaun Custis defended the Ivorian saying he had a “modicum of sympathy for Drogba… there were four penalty appeals… I think they should have had three… they were done.” Custis pinpointed the first appeal, Alves on Malouda, as the key decision which set the tone for the game.

Following the back page headlines surrounding the future of Carlos Tevez today, Andy Dunn (The News of the World) outlined why the Argentinean felt he could say this on the eve of a big Manchester derby: Because of the fans affections for Tevez and as next year is a World Cup year. Dunn did though question Tevez’s comments about how Ferguson didn’t give him an explanation for not playing him.

The lengthiest discussion available on line today was about the future of Arsenal. Henry Winter (The Daily Telegraph) urged Gunners fans to look at the positives including the stadium, Arsene Wenger and “the kids coming through.” Winter believes they need to sign a “Vieira type and an Adams type.” The Telegraph hack suggested Arsenal fans should be most worried about Wenger leaving the Emirates. Andy Dunn chipped in saying that “the gap between Manchester United and Arsenal was as big as I’ve seen it… is that gap going to get any narrower?”