Sunday Supplement: Chelsea’s plight; Lucky Liverpool & David Beckham

Sitting around Shaun Custis’ breakfast table this week, first up for discussion was Chelsea’s woes dissected by Martin Lipton (Daily Mirror), who predicted that Scolari could be out by the end of the season. Matt Dickinson (The Times) chirped in saying “there is no reason to think there will be in any redemption in the Champions League.”

Next up for discussion were Liverpool’s title chances. Matt Dickinson argued that Benitez is still reliant on two players whilst Lipton argued that letting Robbie Keane go may have been a “gamble too far.” John Dillon (Daily Express) also added that despite buying so many players, Benitez doesn’t have a squad that can win the title.

Finally, the hacks analysed what it will mean for David Beckham to secure his 108th cap for England this week, matching Boby Moore’s record. John Dillon points out that Beckham “provokes debate” and then continues to discuss Goldenballs for another five minutes.