Stretcher FAIL: The self-harming Iranian helper

Lets start with the facts that we know of.

The footage we’re about to bring you involves a team from Mahabad province in Iran, although the precise names of the sides remains something of a mystery. Moreover, we believe the match comes from the Iranian third division.

(If anyone can assist filling in the blanks, please get in touch in the comments below.)

We pick up the action with one player filmed riding around on the turf in obvious pain. Unable to move, two helpers came onto the playing surface with a stretcher to remove the injured footballer, however their efforts to help backfired spectacularly.

As the duo ferried the player towards the sidelines, the leading helper tripped up in comic fashion. Not only did that fall manage to inflict further injury to the already hurt player, but the clumsy helper also managed to injure himself in the process.

Watch the brilliantly-bad stretcher FAIL here.